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Bharatanatyam Dance School

Teaching Indian Calssica form Bharatanatayam
Bharatanatyam & Carnatic vocal
12501 Tech Rdige Blvd
Austin TX 78753   [Map]   [Directions]
?	Rich Experience of nearly 20 years in Teaching 
Bharathanatyam Dance. 
?	Expertise in Conducting Classes and prepare students 
for professional dance presentation and performance. 
?	Capable of 
-	Proactively conduct workshop for the   students to 
understand the intricacies of Bharathanatyam.
-	Shaping up students with knowledge based on offerings 
to ensure increase thier level of understanding of  the art  in 
sustainable manner.
-	Creating unique capabilities through empowered 
classes , which will bring-in discipline and confidence amongst 
the students.

?	Carnatic Vocalist and also play Veena.